StartUp Spotlight: Exchange Program

Startup Spotlight: 


We’re continuing a new monthly series at Re:Coded House: StartUp Spotlight. The series is designed to highlight the entrepreneurs behind local startups in the region, hear about their ideas, and build a community around their stories and struggles. Read more about the startup developed by Bawar Mohammed Rasul, Exchange Program, designed to help connect students to international studying opportunities and scholarships.


The Vitals

Name: Bawar Mohammed Rasul

Age: 23

City: I'm from Sangasar As Sulaymaniyah, but I have been living in Erbil for the past five years.

Job Title: Lawyer & Founder of Exchange Programmes

Educational Background:  

BA degree in Law and Political Science/ Law Department at Salahaddin University  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

My name is Bawar Mohammed. I graduated from the college of Law and Political Science, Law Department at Salahaddin University. As for my startup, I help people get admission to study abroad, participate in International Conferences, Exchange Programmes, Internships, and get advice about applying for international scholarships.

How did you get started with your start up?

I started working on my start up three years ago, when I wanted to apply for one of the exchange programmes. I couldn't find anyone that could help me. I reached out to so many people but none of them could help me. So after I collected a lot of information about studying abroad and exchange Programmes, I decided to create a Facebook group to help everyone who needs help to get more information about studying abroad. A few months after creating the FB account, I created social media accounts.

The best part of being an entrepreneur?

 The best part of being an entrepreneur is that you are free to travel and you can go to work whenever you want, from wherever you want. 

Hardest part?

There is currently no financial support from government and you cannot find anyone to help you with that. Some entrepreneurs are not able to continue working on their start-ups because they face financial problems.

Why do you think Re:Coded House is important for the creative and tech ecosystem in Iraq?

I think Re:Coded House is the best place for entrepreneurs because you can find so many talented members in the house. You can collaborate with them to develop your business. Re:Coded House helped me develop my business. Before, I wasn't able to rent an office on my own, but now at Re:Coded House I can, and it's really helped me grow. 

Anything exciting you’ve got planned for the next couple of months that you want to share?

I don't want to share my plans. I will show you the results.


Quick and Random

Fave Social Media Channel? LinkedIn

Fave book or podcast? 

Fave book : Me Before You

Fave show to binge-watch? Prison break

Fave food? Rice and chicken

Best Career Advice You’ve Received? 

Work smarter not harder

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