Behind the House: Meet Hala

Re:Coded House would not be what it is without an amazing team behind it. To celebrate the diverse faces bringing to life the events, workshops and programs there, we wanted to kick start an interview series with the people making the community and the House what it is. Without further ado, meet Hala - Re:Coded House’s Kids Programming Trainer!

Hala Rahmamy | Kids Coding Trainer

Hala Rahmamy | Kids Coding Trainer

The Vitals

Name: Hala Rahmamy

Age: 21

City: Erbil

Job Title: Kids Coding Trainer 

Educational Background: Student, studying Civil Engineering at Polytechnic University

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

I lead the Kids Coding Program in Iraq where I train the next generation of tech leaders through hardware and software events, workshops and bootcamps. 

How did you get started? Briefly walk us through from college to now?

I started exploring coding as an alternate career path/hobby after I wasn’t very satisfied with my major in university. I took to teaching myself Python (a computer programming language) in the summer before I joined Re:Coded’s Android Development Bootcamp in 2017. It wasn’t long after I graduated from the program that I joined the team. Because I am still a student, I was apprehensive about how I’d make things work at first. But, looking back it was a great decision!

The best part of your job?

Definitely interacting with the kids I teach! Seeing kids use tech as a tool to creatively express themselves never fails to make me smile. I love working in a dynamic environment where I’m constantly learning, and inspiring others, so all around it’s a very rewarding experience. Also let’s face it, kids can be hilarious. 

Hardest part?

Finding a balance between work and my studies can be a bit challenging at times.  

Why do you think Re:Coded House is important for the creative and tech ecosystem in Iraq?

I think it’s essential we’re creating spaces in the community for young creatives and techies to connect, collaborate, inspire and learn from each other. A space where ideas are born and thrive is so important for further development of the ecosystem in this region. 

Anything exciting you’ve got planned for the next couple of months that you want to share?

We’re planning on launching an initiative that gives underprivileged kids access to tech education which I’m very excited to be working on. 

Quick and Random

Fave Social Media Channel? Youtube

Fave book or podcast? Philosophize This! is one of my favourite podcasts and I’m currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. 

Fave show to binge-watch? Not a show - but all of Jim Al-Khalili’s documentaries.  

Fave food? PASTA.

Best Career Advice You’ve Received? Always be radically candid. 

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