Erbil Summer Tech Fest: Makerspace Sessions by Field Ready

MakerSpace Summer Sessions: This summer learn how to make your ideas a physical reality in Erbil’s first makerspace at Re:Coded House in collaboration with Field Ready

“The beauty of makerspace technology is that cutting edge production is affordable and accessible; you no-longer need million dollar investments to be able to manufacture items to a professional finish, as desktop 3D printers and laser-cutters cost little more than a home PC. This means that youth, wherever they are in the world, can perfect their skills, share digital designs and compete in a global marketplace.” - Susan Long

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MakerSpace Summer Sessions 

Open Event: 7th July - "Make Your Plants Smart“

Intro Training: 14th to 16th July - 3D Design and Fabrication

Basic Training: 21st to 23rd - Electronics and Arduino

Advanced Training: 28th July to 8th August - 3D Design and Fabrication

Advanced Training: 18th to 29th August -  Electronics and Arduino 

Project: 1st to 5th September - Makeathon week!"


Field Ready is a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to empowering people living in complex environments to make the things they need, where they need them, when they need them. Our vision is to meet humanitarian and development goals through technology, innovative design and engaging people in new ways. We make useful items to solve problems locally using the latest technology, as well as traditional local manufacturing. We build capacity to continue this through building makerspaces and communities of makers. Our approach is truly effective and ground breaking.

Field Ready is active globally including Fiji, Nepal, Kenya, Myanmar, Colombia and the hurricane affected Caribbean. In the Middle East region we work directly in Syria, and Jordan, and through a partner space in Turkey establishing fabrication spaces, building skills and delivering essential items to people who need them. Partners include the UK, German and Australian Government, international NGOs and corporates such as CISCO and IBM.”


The makerspace is a place to learn, create and develop products using physical fabrication equipment. The makerspace will run courses and events in ‘making’ related topics, and offer an open space where members of Re:Coded House’s community can access physical resources and the support of staff to realize their own projects.

The makerspace is equipped with 3D printers (plastic and rubber), CNC machines (for etching PCBs) and laser-cutters (to work with wood, acrylic and metal sheets), microprocessors and circuity parts and soldering materials, a sewing machine and traditional workshop tools. Makerspace staff combine technical knowledge with that of the design process and product development, from problem identification to finished product.

Ali Clare