Behind the House: Meet Khadijah

Re:Coded House would not be what it is without an amazing team behind it. To celebrate the diverse faces bringing to life the events, workshops and programs there, we wanted to kick start an interview series with the people making the community and the House what it is. Without further ado, meet Khadijah - Re:Coded House’s animated Marketing Coordinator!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

Hello! Im Khadijah, the Marketing Coordinator at Re:Coded House. I have the privilege of informing the world of all the fabulous things going on here at The House. 

How did you get started? Briefly walk us through from college to now?

College was a little while ago, 2004 to be exact. I studied Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology at Barnard College, Columbia University graduating in 2008. Since then I’ve worked for the IRC in New York City and SABIS here in Erbil. In 2016, I did a major career change and decided to go back to my art (I specialized in the fine arts in NYC during high school) and study graphic design on my own. Later on in 2018, I packed my bags and went to London to get an industry standard design education at Shillington College. When I came back, I had heard about Re:Coded House and was excited to be a part of a bigger creative community in Erbil. I applied for the Marketing Coordinator position and became part of the family soon after. 

The best part of your job?

The best part of my job is meeting amazing, creative and like-minded people everyday. From the members that come into our working space, to the students that are part of our bootcamps, there’s always someone or something interesting coming through our doors.  

Hardest part?

Keeping up with the community. There are so many events, workshops and trainings happening in the space. I always want to make sure we cover everything to give our community an opportunity to be informed, engage and be inspired. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, but we have a great team here that provides amazing support. 

Why do you think Re:Coded House is important for the creative and tech ecosystem in Iraq?

Re:Coded House is not only important but it’s essential for the newly developing ecosystem in Iraq. Not only does it provide Erbil with a space for workshops and trainings, but I truly believe, what's more important is the connections that are happening in the space. Creatives are connecting. Tech enthusiasts are meeting. Techies and creatives are mixing. Interesting conversations are being made. Something very special is happening in our digital age. The connection is such an important part of the development of an ecosystem. It creates bonds that help spark and develop ideas. 


Anything exciting you’ve got planned for the next couple of months that you want to share?

Yes! We are planning on hosting our first ever Designathon and inviting some interesting guests. I’m excited to see what the creative community is going to come up with.

Quick and Random

Fave Social Media Channel? YouTube - I learn a lot and also binge on good vlogs! 

Fave book or podcast? Favorite Podcast: Debbie Millman: Design Matters | Fave Book: Amy Tan: Saving Fish From Drowning. She is a MASTER of building a scene so rich and so amazing by writing. 

Fave show to binge-watch? Friends (Always)

Fave food? My comfort food trifecta: Sushi, Dolma, and Pizza 

Best Career Advice You’ve Received? JUST DO IT

To follow Khadijah and her design journey, you can find her at or on instagram