Summer Tech Fest June Recap

Leading in creativity, tech and innovation, Re:Coded House’s first ever Summer Tech Fest promises over 36 exciting and interactive events and workshops for the community throughout the hottest months of the year: June, July and August.  June proved to be an exciting and engaging month!

Over 169 amazing creatives, tech lovers, developers and designers attended the 13 workshops in June. A total of over 24 hours of valuable skills, knowledge and resources were shared. The amount of connections made were countless!


ou spoke and we listened! Here’s what some of the attendees had to share with us about the workshops:

  • “I came here to gain the skills I need to start my own business”

  • “Really loved how fun and interactive Zain made the workshop”

  • “We’ve never met up like this before (graphic designers meetup), it's exciting!”

  • “We would like more activities and more exercises to practice the skills we gained from the workshops.”

  • “Well done to you guys, always engaging our kids with awesome activities that keep their minds growing. Keep those activities going please!”

And some room for improvements:

  • “Make the workshops more exciting!”

You guys also shared with us practices for leading a more balanced lifestyle whilst working in your respective industries:

  • “I feel like wellness is a challenge in a fast paced workplace. It's always good to slow down and re-center”

  • “I like to take short weekend getaways from the city - keeping it as halal as possible”

  • “I like to read, listen to music and do yoga.”

  • “Listening to Hip Hop”

  • “Working out and eating donuts!”

We’re also getting hot on social media! We’re proud of the community we’re building and the photos, videos and MEMES! 

  • 29+ Comments on Instagram and our stories

  • 345+ Reactions, comments, likes with our facebook event posts


Why are people attending workshops?

  • Education: Most of our workshop attendees are coming to continue learning and extend their skills and knowledge of the ever developing and changing tech world. 

  • Family: Kids have the chance to learn, create and grow with our programs that really fine tune their analytical skills and their resilience in a fun and engaging way! Parents were so proud of their efforts and were happily surprised to have cool keychains as gifts. 

  • Self Development: More and more young professionals are coming to workshops to develop themselves and gain insight and knowledge to help further them in their personal and professional lives. 

  • Connection: The meetups are great for networking and meeting like minded people in the industry. The energy was electric during the graphic design and digital marketing workshops as these groups rarely get the chance to meet face to face in Erbil. 

Erbil TechFest has only just begun! 

If you didn’t get the chance during June (We know, we know, exams, work, and life can get in the way), you still have the chance! There’s a total of more than 36 workshops scheduled for Erbil TechFest this summer. This recap of our first month has been an excellent start with a world of opportunities for learning, engagement and entertainment with like minded people. 

Stay up to date with our events, workshops and meetups by signing up to our email list, following us on Facebook/Instagram and following our hashtag: #ErbilTechFest! We would love to see you at our next gathering!