Re:Coded House launches Creative Circles

‘Creative Circles’ launches at Re:Coded House this week with Kurdish film screening of “Shouted from the Rooftops” premiere in Erbil

Creative Circles will launch with the Erbil Premier of the film “Shouted From the Rooftops” by Kurdish director Beri Shalmashi. The event will feature two short films directed by Shalmashi, a panel discussion, and an open networking session.

Creative Circles is an initiative launched by Re:Coded House allowing space for creative minds to meet and work in Erbil. Despite Erbil having talented artists and creatives, the Re:Coded House team recognised after deep consultation and work in the city, a real lack of high quality spaces for practitioners and those interested in the arts to meet.

“Shouted From the Rooftops” is a five-minute short film which follows the story of Ferhat whose city has been destroyed by war but he remains behind awaiting the love of his life, Sherin, to return from fighting on the front lines.

“In short, the film portrays the ongoing struggle of Kurds and how women have always played a role in it,” said Shalmashi.

Shalmashi is a filmmaker with Kurdish-Iranian heritage who was born in France in 1983 and raised in the Netherlands.

“I wanted to make a simple film that could make a statement about the current war but can also be seen as a statement about every war that the Kurds have been through,” Shalmashi said.

As a female filmmaker, Shalmashi said that women are often underestimated in cinema.

“I think people have a very classic perception of what a director should look like and when they see me, they think ‘she can’t be a director.’ But when they see your work, you get all the support in the world, especially from Kurdistan,” she added.

Reflecting on the need for Creative Circles, Re:Coded House’s Growth and Operations Manager Zain Haider Awan said, “We are excited to welcome budding creatives and artists into our space. Re:Coded House is a space to cultivate great ideas, to have critical and necessary discussions and to allow the community a much need place to create. Seeing Beri’s work, understanding her vision for the future of Kurdish film and her practise - we are excited to see how we can inspire the next generation of filmmakers and art creators to flourish in Erbil.”

“Shouted From the Rooftops” will be screened as part of the inaugural event launching Creative Circles, powered by Re:Coded House located at Nergiz Plaza in Erbil between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. this Saturday, April 6.

“Shouted From the Rooftops” is a film produced by Topkapi Films and sponsored by more than 150 people via Cinecrowd along with the Refugee Foundation Netherlands as well as 3Lab in partnership with NPO.