We're launching Erbil’s First Summer Tech Fest

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The long hot summers in Kurdistan are now a lot cooler with the region’s first tech fest headed up by Re:Coded house. Leading in creativity, tech and innovation, Re:Coded House’s first ever Summer Tech Fest promises over 36 exciting and interactive events and workshops for the community throughout the hottest months of the year: June, July and August.


With the vision of creating Erbil’s first community driven co-working space, we launched Re:Coded House in March 2019. We wanted to create a space for Erbil’s growing tech and startup ecosystem; a place that brings people together with the goal to build a community for founders and innovators alike.

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Re:Coded House is conveniently located in the center of Erbil, opposite the World Trade Center. The interior design is reflective of our vision to create a vibrant community and was designed with creativity and collaboration in mind.

The House is open for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers and tech-enthusiasts to come together to co-work and co-create. Alongside our co-working offerings, the House features a vast array of workshops, programs, and events.

Making the summer heat much more bearable, there are special events for all ages including for children. The workshops are run in a space that houses a 3D printer, Laser Cutter and a CNC machine.

Ali Clare